2020 ESG Corporate social responsibility performance

Provide food - Continually provide enough food for the 30 elder in the community

Environmental Activities : 314people.
Visit KYF : 340people.
Leadership of female - Reach one third of the gender ratio:
Female 38.81%;Male 61.19%

Solar Panels - Dongshan Plant:679,548kWh
Yingge Plant:379,872kWh
Training courses - Educate 382colleagues about working environment safety knowledge.
Reduce/Reuse/Recycle - Reduce total 35.96tons.
The scrap recycling rate is 40%
Beach cleanup activities - Total 210people participated
remove trash 259.705kg
Planting trees Increase 1.21 hectares area
= 1,200 trees = absorb CO2 about 13,140 KG

Circular Economy

Environmental Education Activities
In order to promote the importance of environmental protection, KING YUAN FU to assist with educational lectures or student visits to factories, etc.
To enable schoolchildren to understand the importance of plastics for their lives and their environmental needs,
and to raise awareness of the recycling of resources and to do their part,
Make a friendly environment and facilitate life to achieve the best balance.
Factory visits
"Plastic" is widely used in life, playing an indispensable role in daily life. With the rise of environmental awareness in recent years, "plastic" has become a source of pollution.
In order to let the public to re-recognize the "plastic" and promote the importance of environmental protection, KYF has organized educational seminars or factory visits, etc., so that the public can understand the concept of environmental protection, so as to increase the awareness of resource recycling and reuse.
Environmental Protection
20190518 KYF's Mountain Cleanup Day- Shulin Dist Datong Mountain.
20200804 Xiangshan Tree Planting Activities
20201107-KYF's Coastal Cleanup Day
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