Message from the CEO
To all King Yuan Fu staff members: 2022 was a year of unprecedented global turmoil and upheaval. In the face of these arduous challenges, we managed to minimize the impact of the macroenvironment on our corporate operations and deliver performance superior to our competitors as a result of your concerted efforts. I’d like to avail myself of this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to you for your valuable contributions and adaptability over the past year.
The biggest black swan event in the first half of 2022 was the outbreak of the Russia–Ukraine War, a major geopolitical conflict. This war directly resulted in soaring raw material and energy prices. In addition, the lingering global economic impact of COVID–19 prolonged container shortages and sky–high shipping costs. The accompanying bullwhip effect coupled with constant interest hikes in response to inflationary pressures sent the economy into a tailspin in the second half of the year and brought about a situation of an unprecedented disparity between surging global inventories and rapidly stagnating demand.
However, despite this global turmoil, discussions on ESG and climate change– related issues have continued unabated. COP 27, which was successfully held in Egypt, not only perpetuated the spirit of the Paris Agreement but also prioritized the conversion of verbal commitments of participating nations into concrete action. This clearly indicates that the severe impacts of climate change humanity is currently facing demand immediate action. I’m sure you’ve all noticed the mild winter temperatures in Taiwan in 2022, which are an inevitable consequence of climate change.
In the face of this global storm of volatility, we haven’t slowed down our pace in the field of ESG and sustainability. As a result, we were able to maintain our excellent record of 2021 (our first year of sustainability reporting) in 2022. Through the concerted efforts of our employees, we have earned numerous awards and recognitions including a TCSA Corporate Sustainability Report Award and a TCSA Growth Through Innovation Leadership Award, a SEAL Environmental Initiatives Award, and nominations for a Global Views Monthly CSR Award and a Circular Economy Award presented by the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research.
◉ Environmental Dimension – Circular Economy
The circular economy concept represents the ideal solution for plastic materials. On the foundation of the goal of increased rPET usage that we set for ourselves in 2021 (the first year of sustainability reporting), we continue to forge ahead on our path toward sustainability. In addition to the impetus provided by the global market, legal regulations in Taiwan have also caught up with global trends. At the end of 2022, the use of rPET for food contact applications was finally approved by the Taiwanese Food and Drug Administration. King Yuan Fu became the first enterprise in Taiwan to provide rPET food containers to local retail sales channels.
◉ Social dimension – Employee care
In the first year of ESG, we mainly focused on the formulation of environmental policies. However, we also fully understand that the environmental and social dimensions are of equal importance and that employee care is a key link in the latter dimension. We have therefore implemented the following initiatives in this field:
▪ Sustainable Talent Development Program ” which aim s to improve t alent retention and external talent recruitment.
▪ Adoption of a “flextime scheme” for indirect labor to offer employees a certain degree of flexibility in terms of attendance without affecting work output.
▪ Implementation of an industry –leading initiative to “return brokerage fees to migrant workers” which is in line with global trends in the field of human rights development.

We will persist in our efforts to create more friendly workplace environments through the adoption of other feasible practices.
◉ Governance dimension – Energy conservation & carbon reduction
In early 2023, Taiwan passed the Climate Change Response Act, which represents a new milestone in the country’s efforts to codify energy conservation & carbon reduction goals into law. Following the completion of the ISO 14064–1 GHG Inventory in 2021, we initiated the planning process for our energy conservation & carbon reduction pathway with a focus on power consumption–our primary carbon emission source. In 2022, we gradually perfected our power management framework based on the adopted ISO 50001 system under guidance of the Taiwan Green Productivity Foundation and the Foundation of Taiwan Industry Service. The utilization of this optimized energy management system to ensure maximum energy efficiency marks the next step prior to adoption of green power. After realizing the goal of energy conservation, we will pursue our ultimate objective of carbon neutrality by relying on green power.
Global economic volatility affecting business operations all over the world is predicted to persist in the foreseeable future. On the other hand, the pace of global progress in the field of climate issues is projected to accelerate. I expect all staff members to maintain their unwavering commitment to strengthening the links between industry development and ESG–related activities in pursuit of ongoing progress and maximization of our influence in the field of sustainability. Let’s jointly forge ahead on the path toward becoming one of the “Best for the World.”
Key Performance Areas

Governance dimension

Revenues: 4.854 billion NTD
Customer satisfaction: 95.65 (out of 100)
All major suppliers have signed the Supplier CSR Commitment Letter
Female senior executives account for 50.0%
Recognition with 2022 TCSA Corporate Sustainability Performance Award: Growth Through Innovation Leadership
Recognition with 2022 TCSA Corporate Sustainability Report – Silver Award

Environmental dimension

Passing of the certification audit for ISO 14064–1:2018 and ISO 14067:2018
rPET products total 5,840.04 metric tons (13.19% of all PET products), which is equivalent to carbon savings of 10,512.1 MT CO2e
(Note: Benefits of the conversion of PET to rPET prdoucts)
Thinning of 21 newly added products resulting in a weight reduction of 104.4 metric tons, which is equivalent to carbon savings of 567.1 MT CO2e
42% recycling and reuse of crushed materials, which is equivalent to carbon savings of 112,868.6 MT CO2e
Adoption of 1.2 hectares of forest, which is equivalent to a carbon adsorption of 132.0 MT CO2e
Recognition with 2022 SEAL Award – Environmental Initiatives Award

Social dimension

Passing of the TTQS (Talent Quality Management System) certification audit
Environmental protection lectures and visits attended by 873 individuals
Occupational health and safety training courses attended by 1,946 employees
Charitable donations amounting to NT$ 9.665 million
8 physically and mentally disabled employees accounting for 1.7% of the total workforce (in excess of the legal requirement of 1.0%)
55 green procurement categories (Green Mark–certified product categories)

Circular Economy

King Yuan Fu joins RE100, uses green electricity, and moves towards net zero carbon emissions

First plastic container manufacturer in Taiwan joins RE100 and commits to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2050

King Yuan Fu Packaging Co., Ltd. (here in after referred to as King Yuan Fu) officially announced its participation in the international 100% renewable electricity initiative RE100 on August 18, 2021, became the first and only plastic food container manufacturer in Taiwan passed the RE100 review and got the approval. King Yuan Fu promises to use 100% renewable electricity by 2050, and reach stage goals of 60% in 2030 and 90% in 2040 respectively. Gradually move towards net zero, and do its best to achieve the goal of limiting the global warming of 1.5°C, set by Paris Agreement.

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KYF join " ESG Sustainability Initiative" held by E SUN Bank Corporate sustains if and only if it truly cares about Sustainability.
KYF join " ESG Sustainability Initiative" held by E SUN Bank
Corporate sustains if and only if it truly cares about Sustainability.
We not only put sustainability strategies and action plans into place to achieve Sustainable Development but also apply for B-Corp certification to enhance ESG guidelines.
玉山銀行攜手32企業 倡議ESG永續行動
KYF join " ESG Sustainability Initiative" held by E SUN Bank
Corporate sustains if and only if it truly cares about Sustainability.
E.SUN Bank and 32 Taiwan leading companies launch ESG initiative to promote sustainability.
Environmental Education Activities
In order to promote the importance of environmental protection, KING YUAN FU to assist with educational lectures or student visits to factories, etc.
To enable schoolchildren to understand the importance of plastics for their lives and their environmental needs,
and to raise awareness of the recycling of resources and to do their part,
Make a friendly environment and facilitate life to achieve the best balance.
Factory visits
"Plastic" is widely used in life, playing an indispensable role in daily life. With the rise of environmental awareness in recent years, "plastic" has become a source of pollution.
In order to let the public to re-recognize the "plastic" and promote the importance of environmental protection, KYF has organized educational seminars or factory visits, etc., so that the public can understand the concept of environmental protection, so as to increase the awareness of resource recycling and reuse.
Environmental Protection
20190518 KYF's Mountain Cleanup Day- Shulin Dist Datong Mountain.
20200804 Xiangshan Tree Planting Activities
20201107-KYF's Coastal Cleanup Day
ESG Corporate Social Responsibility Report Download