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KYF Wins Sliver Award of 2021 Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards


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Gathering the power of sustainability to change the world. Taiwan Institute of Sustainable Energy (TAISE), the founder of Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA), set the first Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards (TSAA) in 2021, which gathers many outstanding SDG actions taken by different sectors in Taiwan, showing the world Taiwan’s devotion and contributions to SDGs.

KYF’s project “Closed-loop Circular Economy of Containers for Food and Environmental Education”, which combines SDG 12 Responsible Production and Consumption together with SDG 4 Quality Education, wins the Silver Award of 2021 Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards.

Circular Economy—Clamshell to Clamshell
As one of the leading thermoforming manufacturer of food containers in Asia, KYF’s mission is “Be a reliable and sustainable packaging designer and capacity provider in Global packaging industry.” Therefore, we devote ourselves to circular economy of plastic and environmental education. The actions on design and manufacturing aspects aim to decrease environmental footprint of our products, which include implementing 3R—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—of circular economy, adopting R-PET (recycled-PET), reducing product weights, and recycling trim line for reuse. We created self-owned brand “aGain” to promote R-PET applications as well as concepts of circular economy. We believe that “clamshell to clamshell”, which means the used containers are recycled, cleaned, grinned, and finally put into production again, will further realize the spirit of circular economy. This kind of closed-loop circular economy has always been our goal.

Environmental Education—Knowledge of Plastic and Recycle
Plastic wastes problems are resulted from improper disposal of plastic products, where only 14% enter recycle system and 86% leak to the environment, go to incinerators or landfills. Therefore, the key solution is the people with correct knowledge of plastic and recycling. KYF is believes that education founded in early age will change future, so we hold not only environmental course in community schools but also plant visits where we introduce plastic production and types as well as recycle marks. In 2020 we reached more than 670 students and received positive feedbacks.

Sustainability—Creating Positive Impacts
It has been a consensus that EPS and ESG are two key factors for Corporate Sustainability. A company can sustain only if it values sustainability. KYF will continue integrating ESG to our core capabilities, take SDGs as a guideline for strategies and actions. We will keep creating positive influence to the planet and our stakeholders, which is our responsibility as being a citizen of the Earth.

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