About KYF

About KYF

Established in 1978, KING YUAN FU (KYF)has been known as a specialized & experienced factory for thermoforming.
With many years’ experience, we’ve served our products to several domestic food processors in Taiwan,
and sold our products to more than 30 countries and enjoy the good reputation worldwide. With the passion for innovation, we’ve awarded many patents in many countries.

In processes, from product design, tooling development, sheet extrusion to thermoforming, all steps are made in house.
Our design and engineering staff work closely with our customer to develop innovative packaging that
provides the value-added advantage at the retail level.

The material that we produce including regular PP, PLA, CPLA,PET, RPET and Co-Ex PET sheet. The extrusion capacity is 121,000 tons annually.

Also, we are already certificated by ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, HACCP and BRC. Quality control processes are followed at all levels of production.

We own more than 50 production lines and 25 extrusion lines in Taiwan. We now provide more than 3,000 items in food and industrial packaging.We can recycle our materials internally
and we are committed to a better environment for generations to come.

In order to offer better service and more capacity to our customers,
KYF has invested US$85 million to build our 3rd factory located in Yilan.
The 3rd factory is completed on 2016 of May and our anticipated turnover will reach USD$ 200 million annually.

Based on sustainable management, sincerity and responsibility,
we have been a pioneer in this area for years.
We can provide various products you need and continue to uphold our commitment of
Superior Quality, Quickest Response and On-Time Delivery!

Following the global trend of environmental protection, KYF not only focuses on our operations in business but also devotes to the development of sustainability. It cooperates with domestic plastic material manufacturers: Shin Kong Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd., Nan Ya Plastic Co., Ltd., and Far East New Century Co., Ltd., Tainan Spinning Co., Ltd., Formosa Chemicals & Fibres Co., Ltd., Formosa Plastics Group.,and the international PLA manufacturer NatureWorks LLC, etc., have cooperated in the development of environmental friendly materials for many years and implemented the 3R concept: Reduce (reduce use), Reuse ( Make the best use of it) and Recycle (recycle). We hope to do our part for the next generation.